Thursday Preparty Seven Spirits

We are turning up the heat for the last Jungle pre-party, and since most of you will have already arrived in Paris, we found an amazing place where we can dance until 4 AM!

The Seven Spirits is a spacious night club with a great sound system and an outside terrace to enjoy a delicious cocktail and chat with friends. And of course, a great selection of unique shows from all over the world awaits you.

But above all, for this very special night, the last one before the opening of the PISC, we got you a tailor-made program of 100% PISC DJs, from Paris and beyond!

See you at the Seven Spirits on Thursday!!!

  Seven Spirits
7, rue de sainte Hélène
75013 Paris
Metro Porte d’Italie/Maison Blanche, line 7

Enter: 15euros.  Credit cards accepted
21h / 4h

You can check in to the festival and pick up your pass Tuesday evening or at any of our PISC's pre-parties!